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Ezo-no-hakusan-ichige & Mt.Rishiri
Ezo-no-hakusan-ichige & Mt.Rishiri



Ezo-no-hakusan-ichige & Mt.Rishiri
Ezo-no-hakusan-ichige & Mt.Rishiri


Rebun island is the northernmost island in the sea of Japan. It is also known as the  “Dream island of the flowers” as flowers bloom right from sea level.

Gentle hills spread out 29 km from the north to the south, with the highest peak called “Rebun-Dake” at 490m. The pleasant, yet varied terrain provides  many hiking opportunities for all fitness levels, even if you are beginner.

From May to September there will be about 300 different species of alpine flora blooming all around the island. There are flowers native to the island that attract visitors from all around the world. Native flowers such as the Rebun-Atsumori-so and Rebun-so. They  can only be seen and experienced on Rebun Island and found nowhere else in the world.


More photos of Rebun island.(Facebook)


Guide  Recommended Course

(Private Guided Tour)

✓Highly Recommended


Phoca largha
Neko-Iwa (cat shaped rock)

This course is recommended for those who don't know where they should visit in Rebun island.

A local guide will take visitors by car to special locations where the flowers and scenery is at its best. Private tours provide visitors the opportunity to access places less known and less crowded. This makes for great  photo opportunities.Courses include pick up and drop off service.

Half day 4 hours course

Morning: 8:00~12:00

Afternoon: 13:00~17:00

One day 8 hours course


Will have a lunch break at a restaurant or visitors can prepare their own meals and have it at an outdoor setting.

Note: Lunch is not included in the price

Half day 4 hours course(Tax-included

One day 8 hours course(Tax-included

✓Age Requirement: 13+ years old
✓Payments Accepted: Cash or Credit card(VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay)
✓Groups larger than10 people need to inquire with office.
✓Additional fees may be applied if the tour exceeds the scheduled completion time.


Momoiwa Observatory Course 

(Private Guided Tour)


Momoiwa Observatory
Ezo-no-hakusan-ichige & Mt. Rishiri
Flower garden
Momoiwa sidewalk
Momoiwa sidewalk

***The most popular course to hike in all of Rebun Island***

You'll find lots of flowers and alpine plants during this hike.

Some other highlights include views of the unique Neko-Iwa (cat shaped rock), the Momo-Iwa (peach shaped rock), and an absolutely breathtaking view of Mt. Rishiri that can be seen in the sunny weather.

The morning course begins with a hike from Momoiwa Tenboudai Observatory to the Motochi Toudai Lighthouse. 
Duration: 3 hours.

Walking distance: 5.5 km

8:40Board the local bus bound for Momoiwa Trailhead →Get off at Momoiva Traihead →Begin hike →Uphill to Momoiwa Observatory →Kinbai no tani Valley →Mt. Tsubane → Motochi todai Lighthouse→Gentle dounhills to Shiretoko Bus Stop →Board the bus to Kafuka Ferry Terminal →12:16Arrive at Kafuka Ferry Terminal

The afternoon course offers a round trip hike from Momoiwa Tenboudai Observatory to Kinbai no Tani Valley
Duration: 3 hours.

Walking distance: 3.4 km

13:00 Pick up at Kafuka Ferry Terminal or accommodation →Begin hike from Momoiwa Observatory car park→Round trip hike to Kinbai no tani Valley →Arrive at Momoiwa Observatory→ 16:30 Drop off at Kafuka Ferry Terminal or accommodation

Momoiwa Observatory Course(Tax-included

✓Age Requirement: 13+ years old
✓Payments Accepted: Cash or Credit card(VISA/MasterCard/UnionPay)
✓Groups larger than10 people need to inquire with office.
✓Additional fees may be applied if the tour exceeds the scheduled completion time.



Halu Kagawa

I grew up in Rebun island with beautiful nature and started exploring the world after I graduated high school. In the past few years I spent travelling around New Zealand, Australia,Taiwan and Canada in the summer. I enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Niseko in the winter. I can not wait to show you around Rebun island and its gorgeous flowers!!

Languages : Japanese, English, Mandarin beginner


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Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel a reservation, a cancellation fee may be applied: 
More than10 days notice - Full Refund will be issued.
10 days or less notice - 50% Refund will be issued.
Less than 48 hours notice - No refund will be issued.


-Advanced bookings and reservations are required.

-The meeting location and time is flexible, please contact our office to inquire further information. 

-Please take into consideration the possibility of the tour being cancelled due to uncontrollable circumstances. ex: bad weather.

-Be aware that the following outdoor activities will take place in a natural environment. Dress accordingly and  take necessary safety precautions as accidents and injuries can happen. 

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